Relativism as Religion

Endorsed by,  Patrick Madrid (Editor, Envoy Magazine)  Fr. George Rutler (Frequently seen on EWTN)  Bishop John Elya (Eparch, Melkite Catholic Rite)  Fr. Michael Scanlon (President, Stuebenville University)  Fr. Robert Fox (Fatima Family Apostolate)  Foreword by Malachi Martin ...   "Those who read this book by Roger LeBlanc will begin to realize about half-way through their ...

176 Pages - $14.95 

The Most Holy Trinity and ...

The Most Holy Trinity and 40 compelling matters of Catholicism.  Each matter is considered with a diagram and an explanation which accompanies it.  A must read for the challenges in today's world. 

142 Pages - $14.95 

The 3 Veils of Accidental Appearance on CD

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The 3 Veils of Accidental Appearance

Jesus Used 3 Veils to Prove He Would Remain With Us Until the End of Time.  This Book is a Must Read for all Catholics.

36 Pages - $5.95 

Pascendi Dominici Gregis

 Dr. Alice von Hildebrand :

"Homer is new and fresh this morning, while there is nothing perhaps, as old and tired as today's newspaper"... We are very indebted to Mr. LeBlanc. While totally faithful to its message, he made it a must reading for every Catholic who realizes how his faith is threatened by the cancer of modernism.  

182 Pages - $14.95 

The Bible Alone vs. The Catholic Church

The Bible Alone vs. The Catholic Church - Trial #1

In this 1st Trial, Catholic representatives must prove that Jesus Christ established only the Catholic Church, and that it is governed by the Successor of Peter and the Bishops in communion with him. 

339 Pages - $16.95 

The Bible Alone vs. The Catholic Mass

Catholicism on Trial Series - Trial #2

This Trial focuses on the "Transubstantiation" of bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ while remaining under the "accidental appearances" of bread and wine. 

276 Pages - $16.95 

The Bible Alone vs. The Virgin Mary

Catholicism on Trial Series - Trial #3

Feminists, Protestants, and Pagans did not expect to come together to form an alliance against the very person of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but facts will speak for themselves.  

331 Pages - $16.95 

The Bible & The Divinity of Jesus

Catholicism on Trial Series - Trial #4

Without the benefit of “Revelation” we could not know of a loving God. In fact, those who assert that “All paths lead to the same Supreme Being” are in opposition to what Jesus Christ has revealed. He said He is the ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER.  

504 Pages - $22.95 

Justification by Faith Alone vs. Faith, Works and Sacraments

Catholicism on Trial Series - Trial #6

What if “Works” and the “Sacraments of the Catholic Church” are in fact necessary to be “Justified”?  Is there a difference between “Grace” and “unmerited Grace”, and if not, what role does the free will of man play in redemption if it plays any role at all?   

515 Pages - $22.95 

Mormonism vs. Catholicism

Catholicism on Trial Series - Trial #7

Mormons claim to worship God the Father, and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.   They also claim to believe in the miraculous conception of Jesus, and His miracles, and claim to believe in His death and resurrection.  But, are Mormons actually Christian using Christian terms to deceive people about what they truly believe?  

338 Pages - $16.95 

Co Redemption - Co Intercession

This book explores the nature of co-redemptive suffering and co-intercession. For all who are interested, you will not be disappointed 

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Easy Bible? Is it Really?

This book contains a section for each of the 73 Books found in the Catholic Canon of Scripture, but the Scripture itself will be substituted with 73 arguments against the concept of Sola Scriptura, the belief that the Bible is the “sole authority”, and that individuals are guided by the Holy Spirit to understand of Scripture apart from the Catholic Church.   

216 Pages - $14.95 

The Ordination of Men Alone

A case for the infallibility of Men alone.

The ultimate goal of Feminists in the Catholic Church is the Ordination of Women. They've had their answer, but they want another.  Pope John Paul II sealed the matter once and for all by invoking Papal infallibility.  Women will never be ordained Priests in the Catholic Church, and you are about to see why ... 

67 Pages - $6.95 

My Dogma Ran Over Your Karma

From Buddhism to Hinduism, from Martial Arts to Yoga, from Transcendental Meditation to the Occult and “Christian Zen”, there is a relentless push to undermine Christianity.    Karma has endured over the centuries because the impenitent and the ignorant have been around since the fall of Man, and they demand a system of self-redemption by which they attempt to absolve themselves of sin.  

180 Pages - $14.95 

Do Aborted Children Live in God? Do They See His Face?

The purpose of this book is to help parents enter into a prayerful and loving relationship with their children whom they have aborted. These children are not lost. They are alive and dwell in the presence of God, and they remain members of our families and are willing to help us as powerful advocates.   

123 Pages - $11.95 

Wee The People, A Story About Freedom

This is a wonderful children's book which teaches about the founding of our great country.  It's 8.5" x 11.25" wide, 46 pages, full color, with a sewn binding to last generations.

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